Nominolo and I were talking about computations.

I postulated that humans were deplorably single threaded: unable to fork off threads to keep thinking on a certain idea (an idea from Accelerando). Nominolo said that it was obviously wrong because people can chew gum and walk the dog at the same time.

Perhaps human consciousness (System 2 thinking) is written in a single threaded language (like Javascript) but is running on a multi-core hardware and state of the art OS (System 1 thinking)?

Thinking man

Just in time

Humans do get better at what they keep doing.

Hence, we can conclude that the language in which humans are coded has a Just in time compiler (JIT). The compiler interprets the instructions at first, but when the same trace is executed several times, the code is compiled and the computation is offloaded to a separate thread.

Human brain

Not only software

But things are even better. Humans can even change their hardware to become more efficient!

Perhaps that is the direction compilers will be taking soon?