I just set up Kate for my pet side-project Chanslate so that other people wishing to contribute have an easy time.

It took me only a few minutes and it is delightfully easy to use.

Make a project

I just dropped a .kateproject file in the root folder with the following content:

  "name": "Chanslate",
  "files": [ { "git": 1 } ]

And we were good to go.

You can use svn or hg too.

Setting up Kate

Open the settings: Settings menuConfigure Kate.

Then I set up the following:

git can change files while editing

Warn about external changes to files

Get autocomplete

Enable Ctags

Whitespace safety

Show trailing whitespaces

Use only spaces, no tabs

Remove white spaces on save

Optional goodies

vi mode

Vi mode in Kate

Solarized color scheme

Solarized colors in Kate

Final view

Kate in action