Swear words should never make it to production, but I don’t mind them at most places.

Swearing in a Blogging platform

Case in point is a line in the Ghost source code.

This is the diff of the commit:

 <section class="entry-preview-content">
       <div class="rendered-markdown">
-   {{!The content gets inserted in here, bitches!}}
+   {{!The content gets inserted in here, fuckers!}}

Whether it should be in the source code at all is a matter of taste. However, I think that it has been put at a very dangerous place: a HTML template file.

HTML files generated from it are served to your readers.

A single typo can send mal-formed comments to the browser and you will greet your readers with the subtle message { {!The content gets inserted in here, fuckers. This has happened before.

Please don’t put swear words in your HTML template files, even in comments.

Even better, keep them limited to commit messages.

PS: Actually, this comment is in the file which is served to the editors and is fairly low risk unless the editor goes poking around the source code (like me). Nevertheless, the original point stands.