I played a game which I liked a lot: To the moon.

To the moon screenshot

The gameplay leaves something to be desired, but the story, ambience and the sound track blew my away. The story is very simple, but it strung the right chords.

The total play time is about 3-4 hours. I could not make up my mind whether I would have liked it as much if it were a book or a movie. This relates to my experience of watching The last of Us play-through.

This is Laura Shigihara performing the OST “Everything’s alright”:

On the other hand, Dust: An Elysian tale has very little story telling in it. The 10 hours and 37 minutes I put into it were for the sheer button pressing pleasure. Specially towards the end when my character (Dust) was pretty loaded. I did love Fidget there, though.

You should play these games too.